3 de de 2018
Voobly Community RM:

Members of VC RM are the ones that put a face to Voobly. They interact with the community in multiple facets. They organize tournaments, live-stream, create content, promote Voobly and run our social media. If you are a creative and outgoing individual you are welcome!

The members will be the VCOM Staff and Non-Staff who collaborate with the community.

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+[VCOM RM]epsilon@voobly Основатель команды 3 de de 2018 16 de de 2018 - 22:50
+[VCOM RM]Jaraldo VCOM Lead 6 de de 2018 Сегодня, 7:53
+[VCOM RM]RacerFXX Staff Host Tournament 11 de de 2018 Сегодня, 12:20
+[VCOM RM]Kigo Staff Host Tournament 7 de de 2018 14 de de 2018 - 00:26
[VCOM RM]Steffar NonStaff Host Tournament 14 de de 2018 Вчера, 12:23
[VCOM RM]Gral_Artigas NonStaff Host Tournament 11 de de 2018 Сегодня, 3:44
+[VCOM RM]Apolo__ Staff Member 5 de de 2018 Сегодня, 8:04
+[VCOM RM]Father_X Graphical Designer 6 de de 2018 13 de de 2018 - 13:25
[VCOM RM]Aoe_luigi NonStaff Collaborator 8 de de 2018 Сегодня, 4:24